Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers Organizers

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Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers Organizers – Expandable Drawer Organization Separators For Kitchen, Dresser, Bedroom, Bathroom and Office, 4-Pack (13.5-16 IN, Natural)


Color: Natural


  • KEEP YOUR DRAWERS ORGANIZED: No more messy kitchen or clothes drawers. Royal Craft Wood drawer dividers are the best way to organize kitchen utensils or clothes. These deep drawer dividers are going to help you keep everything well-organized and accessible at all times!
  • MULTI-USE DRAWER DIVIDERS ORGANIZERS: These kitchen drawer dividers are recommended for 13.5” drawers. Dividers can be installed as a silverware and utensil drawer organizer for your kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room, desk, bedroom and even in your office drawers.
  • EXPANDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Our bamboo drawer dividers come in packs of 4 and each one is 16 x 2.3 in. They are adjustable, therefore, you can easily extend the dresser drawer dividers and adjust them to the size of any drawer in your house or office.
  • KEEP YOUR DRAWERS SAFE: The ends of these wooden drawer dividers are covered with built-in foam pads which keep the drawer organizers sturdily in place and protect your drawer.
  • ORGANIC WOOD: The bamboo drawer dividers are absolutely eco- and health-friendly and made from sustainable 100% organic bamboo. They are durable and have antibacterial properties which is good for your utensils. Royal Craft Wood tall drawer dividers are guaranteed to look and function as good as new for a very long time.

Details: Forget about messy drawers! Our wooden drawer dividers have been specially designed to keep your drawers organized at all times! Key benefits of Royal Craft Wood drawer dividers: Extendable and adjustable cutlery drawer organizers; Easy to clean and maintain; Eco-friendly and beneficial for your health; Multipurpose dividers can be used for your kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room, desk, bedroom and even in your office drawers; Stylish durable design; Easy to use. Extendable and adjustable Royal Craft Wood drawer organizer dividers easily fit in every drawer. To make everything look perfect, adjust the sizes of the organizer as you like. With our tall drawer dividers it is really easy. Easy to clean and maintain It will only take five minutes of your time to keep your wood drawer dividers clean. Wiping them off with a damp cloth is absolutely enough. Eco-friendly and beneficial for your health Royal Craft Wood expandable drawer dividers are made from organic bamboo. Stylish design that fits every room Regardless of whether you plan to put the drawer dividers in a living room, a bedroom, or a kitchen, the result will be magnificent. Adjustable drawer dividers with a solid wooden texture will enhance your beautiful decor! Easy to install and use Our small drawer dividers are spring-loaded for effortless installation and reliable fit.


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