The items considered essential vary drastically between people. It all depends on how much cooking you want to do, and how much entertaining. It also depends on how seriously you take your cooking, and creative you want to be. Ask any chef, and their list of essentials will include many more items than most people will ever need! As a baker what’s essential, and you’ll get a whole different list.

The following is a list of ‘absolute bare essentials’ – basic kitchen items that you will need for most dishes. The important thing being: SETS of almost everything, or two or three varieties of something, e.g. mixing bowls!

The essentials for kitchen vary according to what type of cook you are

Items every starter kitchen should have:

Kitchen essentials include:

  1. Knives The important knife and block set – with different sizes and types knives for most important applications of application, from a chef’s knife to a carving knife, bread knife to paring knife.
    (ADD: A knife / blade sharpener. Essential to keep your chef’s knives other large chopping knives from going blunt…)
  2. Cutting boards
    – Fruit and vegetable: wood or bamboo is best
    – For cutting meat: glass or silicone
  3. Cooking Utensil set – with your spatulas, ladles, draining spoon and potato masher
  4. Wood utensil set! (Including wooden salad servers)
  5. Plastic colander – good for draining pasta and washing lettuce. Add a stainless steel one later.
  6. Set of pots and pans: Get a full set in one go. It’s much cheaper in the end and you’ll never be caught out with ‘not the right pot’.
  7. Set of 3 casserole dishes – small, medium, and large. (ADD: Oven gloves)
    1. Dinnerware SET
    2. Cutlery SET
    3. plastic mixing bowl, 2 x medium sized glass bowls that can double up as salad bowls.
    4. A potato peeler.
    5. Measuring jugs – 1 large plastic and I glass jug

    Once you have the above, you have the core kitchen items you can gradually add to, according to your meal preferences.

    Have fun setting up your kitchen!

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